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About Us

At Wegile, we develop innovative mobile-based products at an incredible pace for our clients worldwide. Led by a team of 150+ technology experts, Wegile delivers full-service products and mobile solutions for startups, small businesses and large enterprises across United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Europe, and Australia. At Wegile, we use modern technologies, build market-leading products, and adhere to high standards in terms of engineering best practices (continuous deployment, continuous integration, automated testing, etc.). We build two main types of products: beautiful production apps built to support millions of users growing very rapidly, and hyper-fast MVP prototypes where speed is of the essence.

Our Methodology

Wegile manifesto: “Wegile” is an approach to build technology that is responsive to your business goals at reduced risk and cost. Wegile's technology development process is based on responsive release model, where (a). Requirements evolve through on-going feedback from production end-users and (b). Solutions evolve from on-going assessment of production information against business goals. It promotes focused planning, responsive development and delivery, and encourages consistent improvement, controlled risk and cost throughout the technology life cycle. It’s a conceptual framework that promotes results and value-based release approach.

Photo of Launch over Development
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Launch Over Development

Launch - Plan, develop and release minimal functionality that is required for beta launch.

Development - Development beyond minimal required functionality delays the product launch increasing complexity, cost and risk.

Photo of End User over Stakeholder
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End User Over Stakeholder

End User - regular collaboration with production end-user(s) to understand what’s working, what’s not working – be it user experience, usability, functionality adds more value than feedback from test-users, stakeholders and developers.

Stakeholder - stakeholders should focus on defining business goal(s) and planning initial concept. Post that they need to take a back seat and allow production end user(s) to be in control of product road map.

Photo of Information over Technology
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Information Over Technology

Information - product team must update stakeholders with production information and analysis against business goal(s) at regular intervals. What’s working, what’s not working – be it increased sales and marketing, reduced operational costs, or increased productivity.

Technology - implementing new technologies without regular review/ assessment from (End User) and (Information) will only increase cost and risk.

Photo of Responsive over Agility
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Responsive Over Agility

Responsive - regular review and assessment from (End User) and (Information) allows responsive release (ongoing enhancements and updates) that is relevant and aligned towards achieving the business goal(s) at controlled cost and risk.

Agility - without regular review and assessment from (End User) and (Information) added with "Agility to Change" leads towards increased cost, risk.