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Revolutionize your web development workflow today with Wegile, the best AngularJS development company. Our experienced and certified AngularJS development team provides industry-leading solutions for all your enterprise needs. From custom applications to lightweight & robust architectures, our experts have what it takes to deliver AngularJS Enterprise Solutions tailored specifically to you.

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Our experienced AngularJS team utilizes the latest technology to produce impeccable code-based solutions that foster scalability and efficiency. From creating applications from scratch to agile software deployment, we cover the entire spectrum of custom AngularJS web development needs.

Revolutionary AngularJS Web Development Solutions

Leverage our innovative AngularJS Web Development Solutions to craft secure and result-oriented web apps.

AngularJS Enterprise Solutions

Rely on our experts for customized AngularJS Enterprise Solutions, secure and result-oriented enterprise web applications.

AngularJS Application Development Services

Uncover the expertise of our developers and create scalable and secure mobile applications.

AngularJS Consulting Services

Get tailored solutions that meet your individual project needs from experienced AngularJS consultants.

Expert AngularJS Development Team

Tap into the potential of modern technology with a dedicated AngularJS Development team of experts equipped with advanced tools.

Cross-Platform AngularJS Web Development Solutions

Design well-optimized cross-platform web apps through a rigorous app development process.

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With AngularJS Development Solutions

Say goodbye to cumbersome and unrefined web development solutions. With AngularJS development services, enhance your website's performance and gain access to intuitive user functionalities that will drive growth and engagement. Streamline the way you create web applications today!

Ease of Use

Its organized code structure makes programming simple and straightforward. allowing developers to intuitively build a wide range of dynamic web applications.

Robust Security Features

Goes beyond basic encryption standards by updating old versions automatically and enhancing security protocols over time - making it one of the most secure frameworks available today.

Versatile Customization Options

Create unique websites that match the visual aesthetic, unlike other frameworks using customized templates & shapes, UI components, drag-& drop features etc.

High Performance

With the built-in capabilities to generate faster loading speeds, scale better with increased traffic, and run more smoothly on multiple devices and browsers, AngularJS ensures optimal performance for your website.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Supports different types of mobile platforms as well as PC/Mac environments, delivering consistent experiences across all devices.

Powerful Tooling-Based Environment

Leverage cutting-edge tools such as Command Line Interface (CLI), Yeoman generator etc. to gain full control using various testing suites for maintaining high quality results.

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At Wegile, we specialize in AngularJS development services that are tailored to the unique demands of your business. Utilizing the very latest technologies, our experienced and dedicated developers craft custom-made solutions to help you take your brand to the next level! From mobile applications and enterprise solutions to dynamic webpages, let us take care of all your AngularJS needs with professional precision.


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Drive Business Transformation with Wegile's AngularJS Web Development Services

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Drive Business Transformation with Wegile's AngularJS Web Development Services

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Wegile leverages cutting-edge technologies to deliver revolutionary solutions in various industries. Our expert team of engineers has worked on complex projects covering diverse verticals like e-commerce, healthcare, online education, and more.







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Looking for an AngularJS development partner that can deliver results? Our development track record speaks for itself—1000+ projects and 350+ successful clients mean we know how to get it done. Check out our portfolio below and get a glimpse of what it’s like to work with as your development team!

Voice Chat Rooms | Telecom Switch Integration | One-On-One Calls | Social Networking App

Talk It is an audio-based French Social Networking App dedicated to one-on-one live telephonic conversations.

View Case Study
Voice Chat Rooms | Telecom Switch Integration | One-On-One Calls | Social Networking App

The App enables the credit card holders to redeem their reward points in the form of travel rewards for flight or hotel booking, merchandise, gift cards and more.

View Case Study
Health & Fitness | Fitness Workouts | Nutrition Planning |
Progress Tracking

Certified Personal Trainer - Nutrition Counselor - Cancer Survivor

View Case Study

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With the bevy of industry-leading tools and certified experts, we are geared to provide end-to-end solutions tailored to your unique needs. Discover why many have chosen us as their premier partner in cutting-edge web app development.

Versatility you can trust

Benefit from holistic AngularJS solutions designed for various domains such as e-commerce, healthcare, finance, etc.

Next-generation features & functionalities

Develop high-performing applications with an array of modern features, including real-time PWA support for instant loading times.

Certified AngularJS experts on board

Gain access to experienced software engineers who bring cutting-edge solutions to help you succeed.

Tailor-made solutions for all needs

Benefit from bespoke designs tailored to your exact requirements and also keep your data secure with our agile security protocols and measures.

Speedy Turnarounds & Cost Savings

Enjoy rapid deployments and dramatic cost savings without compromising on quality.

Radically transform businesses

Leverage our powerful solutions to move beyond traditional constraints & increase efficiency with our secure & seamless codebase.

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Frequntly Asked Questions (FAQ)

The cost of hiring an AngularJS development company depends on your project’s scope and complexity. Typically, Wegile charges a flat rate for a given time frame based on typical industry rates in the region. Depending on the specifics of the project, they may also be able to negotiate an hourly rate. Additional costs for services like project management, integration with external services, or support outside the development process may also apply. For more information, contact Wegile directly to discuss the details of your project.
The timeframe to develop an AngularJS project depends on varied factors, like the size & complexity of the project, the specific requirements, coding standards, the availability of developers, etc. Generally, however, it takes between two to four weeks to develop and ship an AngularJS project. Of course, this timeline can vary due to the different aspects mentioned previously.
Gain insight into the progress of your AngularJS development project with a comprehensive review. Examine the final product of each task & validate that it meets your expectations by reviewing the timeline. Track project performance over time using metrics such as timelines, bug fixes, and code refactoring. Then delve into the codebase to detect any setbacks or issues. Last but not least, maintain continuous communication with the team to ensure timely completion of tasks & keep morale high. Make sure your development project moves forward without a hitch!
AngularJS Development Companies provide a range of support services and resources for developers working with the JavaScript framework. These include development training, tutorials, integrated debugging tools, and other technical resources to help developers with the development process. More advanced services may include consulting on architecture design and implementation, live development support from their experts, automated testing solutions, and maintenance services. Moreover, they can also recommend strategies to optimize the performance of the applications.
The best examples of AngularJS development projects include the following:
  • Netflix: Netflix took advantage of AngularJS to create their application for streaming video content on the web.
  • PayPal mobile app: PayPal used the framework to build a mobile app to help customers manage their payments.
  • Spotify web player: The popular music streaming service used AngularJS to build a modern online web player featured on its website.
  • Google Fiber: Google Fiber used the platform to help people visualize what speeds they can get from their connection.
  • Weather app: A weather app was built using AngularJS; its various components accurately display weather information based on users’ locations.
  • The Guardian: The Guardian is a major UK media outlet. They used AngularJS to power their content management system and content-related operations.
The AngularJS Project source code will be owned by the client after the successful completion of the project and payment of all fees. This will ensure that the client is capable to use, modify, & customize the source code as desired to meet their needs best.

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