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Offering advanced, fluid Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Services for clients across US, Canada, Europe and rest of the world. Our highly proficient developers are adept at using the top technologies and frameworks including Xamarin, Flutter, PhoneGap, Ionic and React Native for building feature-rich, engaging and forward-thinking Cross-Platform Apps to gratify your business needs and goals.

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Our expertise takes your product to the next level. We craft bespoke Cross-Platform Apps without sacrificing UI/UX design, luxurious wearable apps, AI-integrated features, and reliable app maintenance that keeps users engaged and coming back for more. Embrace cutting-edge technology today.

AI Integrated Cross-Platform Apps

Join the AI-revolution with Wegile. Leverage our cutting edge technology by creating high quality Cross-Platform Apps, with all the machinery you need to make your apps smarter than ever before!

Wearable Cross-Platform Apps

Make a statement with our Cross-Platform wearable apps. Take advantage of the latest technology by integrating cameras & sensors – enhance your user experience and take it to the next level.

Web-Based Cross-Platform Apps

Get access to all your favorite apps from one place. Experience convenient and secured access with our Cross-Platform web-based apps. Web apps offer a new user experience with world-class design!

Custom Multiplatform App Development

Maximize your reach with our custom cross multiplatform App Development services! Our efficient and reliable apps ensure your business reaches users across multiple platforms - quickly, seamlessly, and hassle-free.

Cross-Platform UI/UX Design Services

Let Wegile craft your Cross-Platform Apps with flair and finesse. Our team of dedicated UX/UI designers can turn your vision into reality - with fast, reliable execution times and a stunning user experience.

Cross Platform Apps Consulting

Give your business the edge with a unified, Cross-Platform app. Expand your reach and appeal to all device users! With us on your side, develop a winning strategy for launching a single app on all major operating systems.

Advantages of Cross-Platform Application Development


Get the best of both worlds with Cross-Platform App Development. Create amazing apps without compromising on quality within shorter timeframes and budgets! Create business values through innovative Cross-Platform Application Development!

Reusable Code

No more writing the same code again and again! Reuse your code to save time & energy. Now you can use one code for all your platforms effortlessly.

Easy Maintenance

Put an end to the hassle of developing for different platforms - Hybrid apps make it easy. Simplify your life and save on maintenance costs with Hybrid App Development!

Effective Reach to Target Audience

Ready to turbo-charge your app's success? Tap into multi-platform compatibility and get maximum user reach with Cross-Platform Mobile Apps. Let your app spread like wildfire across all iOS & Android devices!

Less Development Cost

Make smarter, cost-effective decisions for your business with Cross-Platform App Development no more wasted resources and time; developing for separate platforms!

Fast to Develop

Get ahead of your competition - develop awesome Cross-Platform Apps in no time! Leave costly App Development headaches & save big with our lightning-fast deployment.

Simplified Cloud Integration

Ready to take the cloud by storm? Hybrid mobile apps make it easier than ever. Unlock the potential of your app with a single code source and smooth cloud integration. Get ready for world domination!

Our highly Customized Hybrid App Development Services
are Spread Across Industries Worldwide


Crafting Cross-Platform App Development Solutions that allow your app to work across multiple operating systems rapidly
and productively. With the advent of different mobile devices working on different platforms, our all-pro team keep
acquiring skills that are needed to create full-blown, multi-platform App Development solutions that can successfully
run for both iOS & Android devices. Different Cross-Platform app solutions that we have expertise in:


Fitness Apps


Healthcare Apps


Real Estate Apps


Fintech Apps


Music Apps


Food & Delivery Apps


Chat GPT Apps


GPS Tracking Apps


Restaurant Apps


CRM Apps


Social Apps


Salon Apps


Sports Apps


Blockchain Apps


Utility Apps


eCommerce Apps

Employing the best Technology for best Results


We do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to adopting the most trending technology stack that
would yield the best results for our clients. It becomes even more important to be highly proficient and
careful while creating an app on Cross-Platform so as to ensure smooth functioning and perfect UI
across multiple devices.











React Native

React Native

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When you build a hybrid app with us, we ensure that our seasoned Cross-Platform App Developers curate the app in such a way that it matches the quality of a Native App while saving your money at the same time. We also ensure that the app will deliver High performance across all devices on all platforms with desired response time.



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Frequntly Asked Questions (FAQ)

Cross-Platform App Development is the process of creating software that can be used on multiple platforms.
The benefits of Cross-Platform App Development include the ability to reach a wider audience with your product, as well as decreased development and maintenance costs.
If you're considering developing a Cross-Platform app, it's important to choose a reputable and experienced Cross-Platform App Development company such as Wegile. We have a deep understanding of the various platforms your app will be running on, and have proficiency in the latest technologies required to build the Hybrid App including Flutter, React Native and Ionic.
Cross-Platform App Development services use different technologies to develop apps for various platforms. Some of the popular technologies used for Cross-Platform App Development by Wegile include React Native, Flutter, Xamarin and Ionic. React Native is a JavaScript framework; used to develop native mobile apps. Flutter is a Cross-Platform UI toolkit that is used to develop native apps for Android and iOS. Xamarin is a Microsoft framework that allows developers to create native apps for all major mobile platforms using C# codebase.
The cost of Cross-Platform App Development will vary depending on the size and complexity of your project, as well as the specific platforms you need to support.
If you're considering Cross-Platform App Development, be sure to work with Wegile, a reputable and experienced Mobile App Development company. We will help you navigate the challenges of developing for multiple platforms and ensure that your final product is a success.
As a Cross-Platform Mobile App Development service provider we can suggest that following is the process for the Cross-Platform App Development:
  1. Defining your app's purpose and functionality.
  2. Choosing a Cross-Platform development framework that fits your app's needs and goals.
  3. Developing the app with the chosen framework in mind.
  4. Testing and debugging the app to ensure stability across multiple platforms.
  5. Launching the app on the chosen platforms.
As a Cross-Platform App Development firm, we often get asked the question: do I own the ownership and code of my Cross-Platform application? The simple answer is that you own the rights to your code and design when we develop an app for you. When we establish an app for you, we sign a release agreement giving you ownership rights to your code and design. We typically work-for-hire — you hold all rights to your code and design.
When it comes to hybrid App Development, there are a few factors that can affect the cost. These include the features and functionality of the app, as well as the size and complexity of the project.
If the app requires unique or custom features, that could also increase the cost.
As a hybrid App Development service provider, Wegile is often asked this question, and the primary benefit of hybrid applications is that they are Cross-Platform compatible. This means that a single codebase can be used to create applications for multiple operating systems, which is not the case with native applications. In addition, hybrid applications tend to be more cost-effective and easier to develop than native applications.