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Get the most out of the world's leading open-source web development framework with Wegile's advanced custom CakePHP development services. As a team of experienced developers and expert strategists, we specialize in creating customized solutions tailored to your project's unique needs, all while upholding our commitment to quality service.


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Need more speed, power, and agility for your web applications? Look no further than Wegile's comprehensive CakePHP development services. Take advantage of CakePHP's potential of a feature-rich framework to develop interactive, robust, & secure systems that will take your business to new pinnacles. With our expert, CakePHP developers in tow, rest assured that every aspect of the development process is optimized to bring you top-notch solutions.

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Themes Design & Integration

Indulge in custom designs crafted to create a sweet stir in the market. Our themes are user-centric, agile, and fully customizable, making them perfect for your business needs.

Shopping Cart Services

Enjoy a secure platform for your customer's shopping experience, thanks to our incredible navigational site design and multiple payment gateways integrated into the system.

Migration Made Smoother

Migrating your existing website into CakePHP's latest version? We’ll help you make it as smooth as possible. Our developers will turn disruption into a seamless transition so you can keep your business running without missing a beat!

Strategic CMS Development Solutions

Get an edge over competitors by using our strategic plans for successful CMS implementations so your business can stay ahead of the pack!

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Ready to take the first steps toward a more profitable future? Look no further than Wegile–experts in crafting world-class CakePHP web applications that will turbocharge your business operations and digital presence. Our team of CakePHP developers has what it takes to accelerate the way you do business, so what are you waiting for?

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Are You Ready To Take Your CakePHP Web App Up a Notch?

Perk up your digital side at Wegile! Our team of experienced developers have been crafting showstopping apps and websites using CakePHP for x+ years. Your order comes served with a generous scoop of innovation, plenty of fabulous features, and robust frameworks – making it easy for you to power through success. Don't wait another moment - let's get started on crafting your next great adventure today!

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Knockout Your Competition with CakePHP Web Solutions by Wegile


Pummel the competition and take your digital presence to the next level with dynamic, high-performance CakePHP web applications from Wegile. Get ahead of the competition and relish in forward-thinking solutions that'll propel your business further!


Our Successful CakePHP Web Application Development!

Our developer team has had the pleasure of working with companies from every corner of the world. We truly believe that our portfolio speaks volumes about the kind of work we do — we don't just develop websites but take them to soar new heights with well-written, highly compatible, & ridiculously scalable code.

Healthcare App | Treating Erectile Dysfunction | Mammoth Doctor Database | Connecting Doctors With Patients

GAINSWave is a global healthcare web platform offering a revolutionary male sexual performance procedure that uses low intensity sound waves to improve sexual function in men.

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Foodtruck Locator App | Online Food Ordering | Events Booking | Gps Tracking

WTF App allows you to locate nearby food trucks in your vicinity. Place your order online and fetch your meal on your way to work/home.

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Frequntly Asked Questions (FAQ)

CakePHP is your go-to choice for developing superior, user-friendly websites with ease. This mature, open-source framework offers unparalleled stability and security, powerful database management functionality, and an extensive library of plugins & themes that will make your website look beautiful. Plus, thanks to its elegant Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, CakePHP makes it easy to manage complex websites with full server-side and client-side functionality.
The cost of building a CakePHP website all depends on the complexity and scope of your project. But rest assured, no matter the size of your project; you will be able to find a CakePHP expert who is passionate to help you create a stunning custom website that fits your budget. The price of a CakePHP website will depend on the number of features, design elements, and integrations that you want your website to have.
Absolutely! With CakePHP, you can quickly & efficiently migrate your existing website. CakePHP's Migrations feature makes it easy to migrate your existing database schema and data to CakePHP without requiring you to write a single line of code. Additionally, the cake bake command allows you quickly develop your model classes & other application components from your database with just one command.
  • CakePHP is an open-source, fast, flexible, and easy-to-use web application framework.
  • It enables developers to build powerful websites & web applications with minimal code quickly.
  • With features like built-in AJAX supporting components, CakePHP allows for a great user experience with dynamic and interactive elements.
  • CakePHP makes use of well-proven software engineering concepts such as MVC, ORM, and DRY, making for a faster and more efficient development process.
  • The framework also offers built-in security features like form tampering protection, input validation, SQL injection prevention, and cross-site scripting prevention.

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