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At Wegile, we're transforming online retail experiences with bespoke eCommerce app development services.

Commence your path to digital excellence with Wegile, your trusted partner in eCommerce app development. As a leading eCommerce app development company, our expertise spans over a decade of delivering innovative, user-centric eCommerce solutions that resonate with your brand and engage customers like never before. From startups to established enterprises, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital marketplace through our agile eCommerce mobile app development services.

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Our Ecommerce App Development Company
Builds End to End Technology Solutions

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Mobile App

Our eCommerce mobile app development company builds compatible apps for a variety of mobile devices for a smooth user experience.


Admin Panel

Take control of the app's backend operations and make changes in real-time to adapt to user needs.


Website/Web App

We design responsive websites that ensure optimal viewing and interaction experiences across all devices.


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Our eCommerce App Development Services

Crafting Tailored eCommerce Solutions for Diverse Business Needs.

mobile screen
User Registration

Easily create accounts with your existing email address or mobile number.


Sign up or log in via email or social IDs to avoid manual account creation.

Guest Login

Use the Guest Login feature to log in and shop without creating an account.

Add Multiple Addresses

Store multiple addresses to ensure quick order deliveries in the future.

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Voice Search

Find products easily with the voice search feature for a hands-free shopping experience.

Image Search Feature

Use the image search feature to find products by simply uploading a picture.

Product Filtering

Use the filtering option to find products based on price, popularity, ratings, etc.

Augmented Reality (AR) Showcasing

Integrate AR features to allow users to visualize how products look in their space.

360-Degree Product Videos

Closely examine products with 360-degree videos and explore every detail.

mobile screen

Allow users to save their favorite items for future purchases.

Add To Cart

Add desired products to the cart and check out in just a few clicks.

Product QR Codes

Scan QR codes to quickly learn about product features and place orders.

Multi-Language Support

Break language barriers by offering users multiple language options.

Dark Mode Option

Turn on dark mode features to enhance visual comfort while shopping.

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Multiple Payment Options

Choose from various payment methods like credit cards, UPI, digital wallets, and bank transfers.

Advanced Payment Gateway

Securely perform your digital transactions with advanced payment gateway integration.

In-App Wallet

Use an in-app wallet for quicker checkouts and manage your funds with confidence.

One-Click Checkout

Complete transactions in a single click using your saved payment and address details.

VIP Membership Plans

Access VIP membership plans for exclusive deals, offers, and free shipping.

Multi-Currency Support

Check out various global currencies and shop using your preferred option.

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Push Notifications

Set up push notifications to alert users about new products, sales, and special offers.

Offers and Discounts

Attract and retain customers by highlighting exclusive deals and discounts within the app.

Email Marketing Integration

Leverage targeted email campaigns to directly promote products, offers, and app updates.

Gamification Elements

Incorporate rewards, points, and challenges to increase user engagement.

Cross-Selling and Upselling

Recommend similar items or upgraded versions at checkout to increase order value.

mobile screen
Shipment Tracking

Get real-time updates on your order status and expected arrival time.

Digital Receipts and Warranties

Generate digital product receipts and warranties for hassle-free record keeping.

Live Chat and Chatbots

Get instant solutions to your queries with the help of advanced chatbots.

mobile screen
Vendor Management

Manage track record of vendor details like name, mobile number, activity status, etc.

Order Management

Monitor order statuses to ensure timely processing, delivery, and issues with canceled orders.

User Profile Management

Handle registered and guest profiles to maintain account security and user convenience.

Dashboard Analytics

Get insights and data about platform usage, sales trends, and user engagement to make informed decisions.

Accounting and Records

Track commissions records, vendor payments, and financial transactions for clear and organized financial management.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The development time for eCommerce apps can vary based on their complexity and specific features. An essential app might be developed in a few months, while more sophisticated projects could extend over a year.

Our firm offers a comprehensive range of eCommerce app development services, including custom interface design, advanced product catalog features, secure payment gateway integration, user-friendly shopping experiences, and robust back-end functionalities. We focus on delivering scalable, secure, and engaging eCommerce platforms tailored to meet our clients' unique business needs.

Choosing the right eCommerce app development company involves evaluating your project requirements and budget, researching potential developers, reviewing their portfolios for relevant experience, and discussing your vision with their team to ensure they have the capability and understanding to bring your project to life.

Our eCommerce app development company distinguishes itself with a skilled team adept in the latest technologies and development methodologies. We commit to delivering high-quality, comprehensive eCommerce app development services, ensuring our clients receive innovative, user-centric, and scalable eCommerce solutions.

Our eCommerce app development company is highly recommended as a top choice. With extensive industry experience, a successful portfolio, and a team of expert developers, we are ideally positioned to deliver superior-quality eCommerce app development services.

For a precise cost estimate for your eCommerce app project, we suggest a consultation with our eCommerce App Development Specialists. They will evaluate your specific needs and provide a detailed cost breakdown, ensuring clarity and alignment with your project objectives.

Our eCommerce app development company stands out in the eCommerce landscape, combining vast experience with ongoing innovation. We have a proven track record in developing diverse and successful eCommerce apps. Our team is experienced and continually adapting to the latest digital trends and technologies, ensuring your project remains at the forefront of eCommerce advancements.

Critical considerations in designing an eCommerce app include understanding the target market, establishing clear business goals, integrating essential eCommerce functionalities, ensuring high-level security measures, and focusing on intuitive user interfaces and experiences. As a top eCommerce app development company, our approach centers on creating a platform that facilitates transactions and offers an engaging and seamless shopping experience.