5 Hot IoT Trends In 2021

By: Himani Juneja Time: 11 Min Read Updated: NOV 03,2021


The year 2020 was a turmoil with voluminous economic challenges and the world shifting to remote work with an elevated demand for a more dynamic, interconnected global economy. The research proposes that significant IoT trends in 2021 are positioned to accelerate the global economy and reply to the growing demands. Evolving digital platforms have enabled society to swap traditional methodology of work with digital interactions and IoT- Internet Of Things is a solution for what market trends would look like in the future years.

Let us understand the 5 top IoT trends in 2021 and how they will shape today’s technological world.

  • 1. Artificial Intelligence Meets IoT

    What did the last few years bring, and what can we accept from Artificial Intelligence trends in 2021? With a fiery growth in virtually all industries, the advancement of Artificial Intelligence innovations is apace. AI is the focal point that will provide companies or organizations with immense value in 2021. The amalgamation of advanced technologies with Artificial IoT reduces deviations from the result during the procedure, which further results in high performance, lower costs, and minimal waste. With the assistance of ML methods and AI, production processes can be continuously and automatically optimized. AI has given a leg up to the critical processes of companies and government by ensuring uninterrupted delivery, social distancing, and various other factors related to the novel Covid-19 virus.

    Additionally, the rapid growth of Artificial IoT led to an accelerated roll-out of the Covid-19 vaccine. Talking about the market trends in 2021, research propounds that organizations will be able to market more effectively to their customers with the support of AI. Moreover, the integration of AI, smart devices, and Big Data will contribute appreciably against security risks. Bringing up the rear, business, and foster innovation in today’s dynamic business landscape will continue to accelerate with the projection of AI-enabled IoT.

  • 2. Hyper Automation: A Level Up

    Hyper-Automation is a concept that increases a company’s competitiveness and defines a set of technologies that can transform organizations. Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, Automated Robot systems (RPA), and advanced algorithms fall under advanced technologies. RPA is not a new phenomenon! Though more and more companies rely on RPA technology, it remains with automation of the isolated process. Hyper-Automation and Automation are related but not the same. Automation ascribes automation functions and processes, while hyper-automation, on the other hand, builds on traditional automation processes and robotics by incorporating emerging technologies- AI, ML, RPA, and advanced algorithms. Scrutinizing the market trends of 2021, research suggests that “Everything that can be automated, should be automated!” It has supported companies to position themselves to be more resilient and robust, especially important in times of crisis. The evolution of automation empowered organizations not simply to automate processes leading into 2021, but to automate intelligently and proactively. It is a prominent emerging IoT trend in 2021 that has immense potential and will become increasingly important in the coming year.

  • 3. Blockchain and IoT

    In recent years, the combination of blockchain and IoT have been the most searched keywords. So, it is no bombshell that these two fields have the potential to empower each other significantly. IoT devices are often susceptible to security breaches. Blockchain technology comes to its rescue as a righteous tool that guarantees data safety during encryption techniques. Peer-to-peer contact without intermediaries is cheery on the top! Dramatically, the 2020 Covid-19 crisis has pushed the companies towards a speedier IoT adoption leaving the security and data reliability concerns o the sideline. Security and data reliability are likely to catch up to it in the year 2021. Among the top IoT trends in 2021 that addresses paramount IoT scalability and challenges, Blockchain technology is at its peak. It is a game-changer! Bestowing a means for data storing and sharing by communities is often looked up to as IoT data security. The amalgamation of Blockchain and IoT can reveal many business opportunities. Its unique way of sharing information in a reliable and traceable manner gives IoT an edge. Many banking and financial institutions have opted for Blockchain technology to guard their operations. Due to the capability to confirm data protection, this power couple can facilitate numerous end-to-end solution opportunities throughout 2021. So, stay on the lookout for that!

  • 4. Edge Computing

    Edge computing gains an edge! Edge computing is a distributed IT architecture in which the cloud does not receive any data for analysis or processing. Still, it is analyzed as it is received on the device. Simply put, rather than transmitting raw data to central data for processing, the work is performed where the data is generated. It helps companies generate massive data that ensures real-time analytical readiness using a tailored data model. The drawbacks of cloud computing like- latency issues and low bandwidth faced in real-time data processing can be smoothly conquered with the adoption of edge computing for IoT devices. Edge computing is not a new bud in the garden! The rising amount of cyberattacks led to the rise of this technology and its application, especially over last year. In 2020 the networks were not designed to accommodate the “new normal”. As the business structure changes from button-up, the demand for Edge Computing solutions will elevate in 2021.

  • 5. The Blooming 5G

    All major wireless provider companies are ready to roll out 5G! The 5G technology upholds the promise of high data transmission speed and broader connectivity for IoT devices in remote areas, greatly enhancing the reach and functionality. IoT utilization can be made much easier with the fusion of 5G. Analyzing the market trends of 2021, the growth of5G will foster innovation and accelerate global demands. After industrial IoT, smart cities are second in line for 5G implementation. In the near future, where homes and spaces will have automated, voice-controlled devices, lighting, and air-conditioning systems, the blossoming of 5G will resolve the issues of developing smart cities and towns as data connectivity losses could easily be combated.

The Future: IoT

2021- yet another year that will be full of challenges and uncertainty around the globe. Thanks to IoT technology that undoubtedly delivers practical solutions to these vexing problems faced by people. Without the blossoming trends of IoT in 2021, businesses would be unable to keep up with an interconnected world. The companies need to be sagacious enough to reap the benefits of smart features, functionality, and productivity from the IoT ecosystem.

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