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Certified Personal Trainer - Nutrition Counselor - Cancer Survivor

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How Our App Looks Like

Project Overview

Linn Lowes, a certified Personal Trainer and a Fitness Enthusiast from Europe needs no introduction. Her journey towards fitness started in the year 2012 - 2013 when she hit the gym for the first time, and soon after she understood her calling and passion in life and began her work towards earning her Personal Trainer License so that she could start sharing her desire for an active and healthy lifestyle with the world.

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As they rightly say, if there is no struggle, there is no progress. Linn had her sharing of hardships to face when she was diagnosed with Lymphoma, but came back stronger, both personally and professionally.

She not only fought cancer like a warrior, but also started her journey as a Fitness Trainer & a Nutrition Consultant by starting the Athli App. This is where we at Wegile, got the opportunity to meet the fighter and started working together on building her app.


Linn Lowes released Athli App in 2021 with an aim to work full-time with workout guides, social media and baby Stacci athletes.
Athli App is a one-stop solution for robust home & gym workouts and nutrition planning that works precisely for you. The app offers robust Workout planning that includes advanced Yoga Training, Strength Training, Functional Training & Cross Training, and lets you pick out of single, monthly, quarterly and yearly subscription plans. The app also allows you to pick your preferred meal plans & add your own meals as well. You can integrate your Apple & Android Watch with the app to track your steps, heartrate, speed, distance, goal and more. Last, but not the least, the app offers a special Community building feature where you get to interact with people walking the same journey as yours.


Athli app today runs successfully on both iOS (Swift) & Android (Kotlin) platforms and enjoys an epic user-base. Download the app from the links given above and start your fitness journey, if not already done!