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Project Overview

Enterprise Chat System leverages blazing fast inter-office communication and as a matter of fact, a robust and reliable enterprise messaging app fortifies employee productivity by improving communication, as such a collaborative app would generate instant responses thereby facilitating business growth.

How our app looks like

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Louis, our esteemed client too wanted to get away with the limitations of email communication and bring to the table a team chat app where all his employees could connect through a single platform for smooth functioning. He aimed at all the endless benefits that this official communication app would proffer beginning from productivity and connectivity to data sharing in a secured environment and improved work ethics.


“We at Wegile, feel proud to proclaim that we specialize in enterprise chat and have our past work speak for us,” said Sumit Oberoi, Founder and Chief Architect at Wegile.

“It had to be Wegile and nobody else for us. We were convinced even before our app started building that we are in safe hands because the moment I explained my needs, I was presented with all the best solutions for my app.” - Louis


BackStaff App offers a myriad of next-gen features like file sharing, video / voice calling, location sharing, cross-device access and much more.

“We are thankful to Wegile for crafting such a brilliant-featured app for our organization as it has immensely helped us uplift our enterprise communication to the zenith.” – By Louis and Team

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