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A Teacher Hiring App that enables educational institutions to hire experienced teachers with proven track record and vice-versa.

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How Our App Looks Like

Project Overview

An educational institution is successful not because of its state-of-the-art-infrastructure but by the quality of teachers it holds. And finding a good and an experienced facilitator can be a herculean task, and this is where our client, Sophie Whitehall, a renowned Educationist saw the opportunity to create a platform that would enable educational institutions to hire experienced teachers with proven track record online and vice-versa.

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Ideas can be many but more often than not, it becomes difficult to comprehend in order to give it a physical shape.

Sophie wallowed in a similar situation for a while when she tried working with some outsourced developers. Though they somewhat brought the app to shape, but it didn’t meet Sophie’s expectations. It wasn’t as consultative process as she had envisioned. Communication was a constant problem too as they contacted her only when an impediment arose.

“Getting the right technology partner is even more important than the idea itself, because if it is not understood properly, the whole process goes in vain.” - Sophie Whitehall.


Sophie was now even more determined to bring the app to physical existence in the most successful way and so set out to find a technology partner who would not just communicate well, but also would be willing to go that extra mile to realize her dream into reality.

And when she and her team discovered Wegile, they were simply impressed by the AGILE approach being followed for every project. Their inhibition further abridged when they took feedback from some of our existing clients.

“The team at Wegile, not only understood the requirements but gave some brilliant suggestive solutions which not only impressed us but also convinced us that finally we are at the right place.” – Sophie Whitehall.


Today, ClassTime app successfully runs on both IOS and Android platforms rendering services to various educational institutions and individual facilitators.

“Working with Sophie and Team was a pleasurable experience not just because they are our clients but also because I personally felt that their business model was aimed to strengthen the education system.” – – Sumit Oberoi (Chief Solution Architect & Founder).