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Gain Confidence Through Strength Fitness, Nutrition & Advice For All Stages.

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How Our App Looks Like

Project Overview

Amidst the demanding work routines that leave you with no time to follow a regular fitness regime of going to the gym regularly to keep up with good health, it has become even more important to be able to have the freedom of working out at your own convenient time right from the comfort of your homes. This is where the concept of Health & Fitness Mobile Apps kicked off and has only grown manifold since then.

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We at Wegile have gained the expertise over the years of building best-in-class Health & Fitness Mobile Apps for both iOS & Android platforms supporting complex features such as individual customized goals, tracking daily progress, receiving free health and fitness tips etc. along with the intricate Apple & Android watch integration.

Our esteemed client was on a lookout for a technology partner who could understand and bring to life precisely all the features that they had envisaged for their app. This is when we got referred by an existing client.


Crewe Fitness App offers features including detailed profile setting bases which macros get updated from the backend by running algorithms that sets your diet and daily calorie intake along with the suggested workout programs which is a healthy mix of functional training, strength training, cross-fit training, advanced yoga training or maternity & postpartum training.

The programs are intelligently programmed to help the users gain confidence through strength and proper nutrition. You get the freedom to schedule your workouts, follow along cardio circuit, start one of your favorite workouts with a single click or even resume workouts later, if busy.

The app also offers dietician- crafted customizable meal guides tailored to your goals and lifestyle with easy access to your favorite recipes and the flexibility to add any meal while you are on the go.

The community section in the app lets you connect with experts such as social workers, wellness experts and physiotherapists to equip you with the knowledge you need in order to achieve your goals.


Today, Crewe Fitness App runs successfully on both iOS & Android platforms and enjoys a gargantuan userbase. If you wish to download and explore the app, please click on the links given above.