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Cubelets are robot blocks that help teach problem-solving skills. Cubelets App uses BLE Integration & is the most powerful way to personalize your Cubelets.

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Project Overview

Intricacy in today’s world is quite intriguing. In the most complex systems, if we dig a little deeper, we will find a network of interlinking elements, little beings dancing in a scientific meander, using their tiny brains to make the most wonderful things happen.

Modular Robotics is one such platform designed by our esteemed client Eric who believes in nurturing the little minds through an innovative and inspiring approach thereby helping them become better thinkers.

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Cubelets are robot blocks that easily connect to form robots that stimulate the tiny minds to become logical sages. These are the world’s first robot blocks. Uniquely designed, each block is a robot and when snapped together with magnets, teams up to create thousands of novel robot constructions, each with unique behavioural pattern.

“I could fathom that extending this technology by building an app that could leverage addition of unique and new behaviours to Cubelets through syntax free drag and drop programming would mean more meaningful learning for kids while at play”, said Eric.

So next in line was to hunt for a team who had a sound technological background and had the vision along with the technical understanding that was required to achieve the required output for this project.


“The new Cubelets App might be my breakthrough in terms of concept, but bears its potent design and attributes to Wegile”. --By Eric and Team

Cubelets App is the most powerful way to personalize your Cubelets. It can be successfully used to create remote control robots and read sensor data values.


“It was a very challenging but at the same time equally thrilling project for us and also very close to heart as it was meant to foster the novice minds to become curious creators and we are happy we got the opportunity to be a part of it.” By Sumit Oberoi, Founder and Chief Architect at Wegile.