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Doko App helps you find out which events are happening around you, and connect with people interested in going to the same events.

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Project Overview

Pacing with the ever-growing technological world, the futuristic minds never cease to amaze us with the way their minds render a path to complement our technical skills.

More often than not, it happens that we seek company of like-minded people to go gallivanting around but don’t know how to find them.

How our app looks like

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Andrew and team realized that there was an opportunity to build a platform to get people with common interests connected and bring them together thereby opening way for new business prospects through the DOKO app.

Not only limiting to individuals, the idea expanded to getting groups of people with similar interests not just connected, but also augmenting long term associations to build and nurture.

The next step was to trace down a full-service mobile application company who could help us realize our idea into reality when Wegile happened.


It was a matter of indicating our need through the blueprint and Sumit, CTO and Co-Founder at Wegile, along with his team in no time got working on custom-stitching the wireframes / mockups, which meticulously transformed into designs and then a full-fledged working app.


DOKO app today runs on both IOS and Android platforms and levitates the enriching experience of making like-minded individuals or even groups of compatible people come together, meet and revel through the engaging pool of events that the app offers.

“Turning tiny ideas into big realities with the help of most engaging tech trends and out of the ordinary crafted solutions for each client for a rewarding future is the mission statement at Wegile”, Andrew said.

“Wegile’s success story is a result of the clarity of thought with which the company operates, delivery timelines, clear, transparent and timely communication policy with the clients and above all the quality of service they proffer is beyond compare.” – By Andrew and Team

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