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A Hiring App that makes the lives of thousands of people easier by rendering an on-demand hiring platform for booking and managing skilled workforce online.

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Project Overview

Freelance Film Crew, as the name suggests was the brainchild of our well-regarded client, Damian Baker who wanted to make lives of those thousands of people easier by rendering a platform for booking a skilled workforce online. His vision encapsulated both sides enjoying the benefits of easy access to one another through his superlative app model.

Tapping the market at the right time and with the right product marks the essence of one’s success. And that’s how our prestigious client, filmcrew, with his spearheaded focus, carved a niche for himself in the cyber earth.

How our app looks like

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He wanted to build an app where a user could start varied projects depending upon the kind of skilled staff required and form a dedicated team for a defined period. And post receiving the confirmation from the skilled freelancer(s), they were welcomed onboard. Furthermore, this team could then be assigned tasks individually or in a group by forming a roster.

“My idea somewhat had gaps and I desperately wanted a technology partner who could give it a real shape by filling those gaps and that was Wegile for me”, said Damian.


A meeting was fixed with – Sumit Oberoi (Chief Solution Architect & Founder) at Wegile, who flat-out impressed me with his suggestions and wireframes. We had a couple of sessions and after a plethora of such brainstorming meetings, we finally reached an orderly framework for the app.

Thereafter, I was assigned a dedicated team of designers and developers who put in great effort to meet my expectations for the app.

"Not once did they let me feel despondent in terms of communication and regular feedbacks which won me over".



"Wegile fully stands by their tagline. They not only build apps that inspire but also crafts solutions where quality is of great essence. Kudos to the entire team." - By Damian and Team


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