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A Healthcare Mobile App that helps caretakers manage patients' records and daily medication needs.

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Project Overview

There are numerous mobile applications in the market for doctors and physicians to manage patients’ history and treatment records. However, not many had thought of managing data for patients being treated at home until our revered client - HARVARD UNIVERSITY approached us to build a mobile solution around this magnificent idea.

How our app looks like

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When there are a number of family members taking care of a patient at home in turns, it becomes crucial for them to have an absolute clear interaction so as to ensure they are on the same page when it comes to administering medicines, managing the meals cycle or attending to emergency situations.

The Solution

This is where our client – HARVARD UNIVERSITY thought of building a solution where, in spite of committed schedules and work culture that demanded family members to operate at different time zones, they could still fully communicate with each other and keep track of patient’s treatment records on a daily basis.


This mobile application allows users to add the required medication to be administered to the patient, set the dose, frequency & reason for each medicine, show medication interaction between the caretakers so that at any given point of time, there is no communication gap, assign duties in the help list for transparency and a separate tab for adding comments /updates.

“An out-and-out brilliant idea came to life! Working with a brand like Harvard University was an absolute honor for us, and therefore, to be able to deliver to their expectations was a must for us, and we are both proud and happy to have accomplished it successfully”.– WEGILE TEAM