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LoopDeco focuses on promoting sustainability and circularity in the furniture industry by offering eco-friendly removal and reuse services for furniture and appliances.

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Project Overview

LoopDeco, founded by Roman and his colleague from their college days, evolved from a modest couch-flipping venture into a mission-driven company dedicated to enhancing furniture circularity and sustainability within the retail sector, embodying the principles of eco-friendliness and support for local communities.

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For LoopDeco, developing a digital platform that seamlessly links users with their eco-friendly removal services posed a substantial hurdle. The task was to create an interface that made it easy for customers to arrange for the donation or removal of items, while also handling the intricate logistics and coordination with a diverse network of partners, including local enterprises and charities. This required a harmonious blend of user-friendly design and complex backend functionalities to ensure efficient scheduling, environmental compliance, and the facilitation of LoopDeco's sustainability goals.


In transitioning to a more comprehensive service, LoopDeco faced the technical task of designing a platform that not only streamlined the user experience for scheduling furniture and appliance pickups but also efficiently managed the backend logistics. The core involved integrating a system capable of connecting user requests with the right recycling or donation partners, scheduling pickups, and ensuring all actions aligned with sustainability practices. A critical component was the development of a user-friendly interface that simplified these processes for users, paired with a backend system robust enough to handle the complexities of logistics, partner coordination, and item tracking in real time. This balance was essential to maintain the integrity and operational efficiency of LoopDeco's mission.


Wegile's refinement of LoopDeco's platform significantly improved its efficiency and user experience, enhancing the donation and recycling process which led to increased user satisfaction and reinforced LoopDeco's commitment to environmental sustainability, showcasing their leadership in the eco-friendly home goods sector.