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LVLFI is a Health & Fitness App that would capture the walking steps of individuals and would reward them based on their performance.

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Project Overview

It is imperative to keep your resources / staff motivated at all times in order to get the best out of them. And when we talk about motivation, it is not always just work related.

An employee who feels motivated to come to work, interact in a healthy way with his / her peers, take part in CSR and other recreational activities taking place at work and above all, feels healthy both physically and mentally, would qualify the benchmark of being tagged as a motivated employee in the true sense.

How our app looks like

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We all know that combining health and leisure with work yield much better results. This is where our esteemed client Alex Devotec, came up with an innovative idea of creating LVLFi mobile application, a health app that would capture the walking steps of individuals and would reward them basis their performance.

This being a very unique idea, Alex had to invest his time in finding the right technology partner. Though he had a rough blueprint in mind as to how he foresees the app to function, he needed to figure out a seasoned mobile application company who could leverage his idea to become a successful functional app.


His search finally ended when he got in touch with us through one of the global freelance platforms where he had shared his requirements.

Fitness Apps being our top core at Wegile, we not only helped him design full app from scratch, but also got fresh ideas incorporated into it in order to make it into a full-blown mobile solution for corporates including insurance, IT, BFSI and many other sectors.



LVLFI was made both in IOS and Android platforms and became a raging success among numerous corporates the moment it was launched.

The app lets you record your daily and monthly walking steps, take up individual and group challenges, win tickets by completing those challenges and then relax yourself by playing tambola by using those won tickets and further win exciting prizes in the form of gift cards by big brands.

The app also offers engaging meditation videos and healthy recipes to help recuperate your mental health, and alongside gives you the opportunity to win more tickets and indulge in tambola recreation in order to win further gifts.


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