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Madeium is a Freelancer Hiring App bringing together top industrial design experts to solve the world’s greatest design challenges in real-time. Also offers a colossal NFT Marketplace for buying & selling NFTs.







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Project Overview

Madeium is the new-generation freelancer hiring platform bringing together top industrial design experts, inventors and thinkers to solve the world’s greatest design challenges in real-time. With the novel aim to harness the ingenuity to improve the human experience, Madieum is home to the creative industry! Not just this, Madeium also supports Madeium Marketplace offering the most premium NFT attached design products by top designers for both one-of-price & auction-based sale using the Hyperledger & Ethereum Blockchain technology.

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Building infrastructures that get the ideas across the finish line and create brands out of those ideas, Madeium envisioned building vetted creative dream teams where professional excellence was of paramount importance. Further, with the NFT revolution that took place in the cryptocurrency ecosphere in the recent past, our revered client wanted to tap in the potential of NFT Marketplace Development. Therefore, he got on the task of finding a technology partner who was not just experienced enough but had made an indelible mark in helping create high-tech businesses for its clients.


“Wegile supports the bold, brave entrepreneurs who dare to change the world for the better! And Madeium is one of our most celebrated clients who tops this list of bold and novel entrepreneurs. Wegile leveraged its expertise to build the world’s top design collaborative – MADEIUM! A platform where innovation is the tool, the future is the clay, and execution is our passion. Can’t thank them enough for crafting this novel infrastructure and giving life to our vision of establishing New Opportunity, New Business, New Money.” – Team MADEIUM


Madeium is a major breakthrough in organizing the creative industry that harnesses the diverse benefits of collective actions, because great design isn’t an accident, and neither are great partnerships.