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PerCheck is an Online Rating and Feedback App that helps users decide who they would like to meet, hire or connect with based on other users' ratings.

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Project Overview

Meeting new people is definitely an exciting manifestation, however, whether who we are meeting is genuine too, is a constant worry alongside!

But with PerCheck, you needn’t worry about that anymore. PerCheck users share their authentic experiences with others to help build an honest online community where ethics and morals are appreciated and truly valued. Building a community like this has been a long-drawn desire of one of our esteemed clients, and that’s when he came up with this noble idea of building PerCheck.

How our app looks like

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There is a plethora of dating and social apps in the market, but how many of them encourage us to reflect and be better, provide great core-valued focused experiences, and treat others the way we’d like to be treated.

The whole idea of crafting a mobile solution and a web platform where genuineness is the core value on which the entire structure rests, our client was hellbent on finding a genuine knowledge partner too who could relate to his ideology flatteringly.


At PerCheck, get a real-time review of the person you wish to interact with before you move ahead with dating, or hiring him / her professionally or just elevating your social circle.

All users start perfect at PerCheck. (100% positive score). It is up to the users to maintain that high-level profile and positive feedbacks through their conduct. Genuine reviews are given based on core values including honesty, professionalism, courtesy and commitment.

Interestingly, when receiving or giving feedback, the identity is kept completely anonymous allowing all users to view honest and unbiased feedback about others and themselves. Even, business owners can enjoy top-ranked customer review spots based on their true efforts.


PerCheck today runs successfully on both iOS & Android platforms with some fine in-app features, a smart and easy-to-use interface, and intuitive graphics to help you build and organize your details and preferences and maximize your PerCheck experience!

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