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Plankk Studio App is a B2B App that partners with top Fitness Experts to create custom health and fitness apps featuring their brand, fitness program, and nutrition.

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How Our App Looks Like

Project Overview

The popularity of online personal training has been on the constant rise because of its effectiveness and time efficiency traits. It is by far the same like being trained by an expert in a gym as you are given a tailored fitness regime to be accomplished with the freedom of location and time in order to attain the desired goals. Many sought after and noted professionals now offer online versions of their training services and getting instant access to highly skilled coaches was never this easy.


A good reputation can travel a long way in the fitness community. And with our digital world as socially connected as it is, you can learn a lot about the potential online trainer long before you even make first contact. In fact, it has helped trainers too as they can reach out to a bigger client pool through Internet.

With the same thought in mind, our client Colin Szopa set out to establish an online network of elite fitness trainers under the banner of Plankk Studio Apps.

“It was my endeavor to lay the foundation for a sturdy online fitness regime network and help thousands of individuals benefit from it and so, I commenced my search for a robust mobile application development company as I knew I would share a long term association with them and I thank my stars that I met Sumit Oberoi (Founder & Chief Architect at Wegile),” said Colin.

She not only fought cancer like a warrior, but also started her journey as a Fitness Trainer & a Nutrition Consultant by starting the Athli App. This is where we at Wegile, got the opportunity to meet the fighter and started working together on building her app.


“I must congratulate the entire team of Wegile for their agility and sharpness and the way they work around the clock to deliver the desired results. In fact, I was highly impressed with Sumit and team that I went all the way to India to meet them personally.”


It is Colin’s far-sightedness that has made all the apps rolled out under Plankk a huge success and continues to garner more attention with some top of the class instructors. To name a few, Fit & Thick App owes its victory to Nicole Mejia, Minnie Ninja by Jennifer Tavernier, Workouts by Gabriela by Gabriela Bandy, The Daily Fitgirl by Samantha Kozuch, Nikki Rica Fit by Nikki Leonard, Carmen by Carmen Morgan, HourGlass Workout by Lyzabeth Lopez and Fit Spark by Tammy Uyeda.