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PointsKash App helps you to aggregate all your reward points at one place and also helps convert them to cash for later use at your convenience.

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Project Overview

To be able to use reward points collected from various reward programs as cash by aggregating them at one place is not a far-flung idea anymore, but a comforting reality!

How our app looks like

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Getting reward points on every purchase???

Wow, while this sounds super exciting, it can sometimes get overwhelming when you start receiving reward points from numerous reward programs, be it through credit card or shopping rewards or travel rewards or through any other reward program. Managing and using these reward points before they expire can more often than not become a task instead of pleasure!

This is where PointsKash comes in! A brilliant app idea that struck our revered client!


PointsKash, the first blockchain enabled payment gateway solution not only helps you aggregate all your reward points at one place, but also help convert them to cash for later use at your convenience.

PointsKash also enables you to buy or sell points through the app and help you find coupons for the best deals for your online purchases.

It is a sure shot one stop for tracking all your reward points at one place and is secured through military grade encryption!


For iPhone & Android users, you may download the app from App Store / Play Store today to get the only blockchain enabled, contactless rewards points exchange in the world!

Download the app TODAY!