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SPEAR App helps users to get connected, express their thoughts and share unique experiences by creating and following PROMPTS.

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How Our App Looks Like

Project Overview

Podcast Apps are one of the hottest trends occupying the digital space at the moment, majorly because a major chunk of the world’s population prefers being read out loud in a smooth, relaxing voice as opposed to “reading”.



Connecting at an emotional level has become a thing of paramount importance since the pandemic hit us all. Having gone through massive roiling emotions, it became even more important to connect with people who were not only alike, but somewhere shared a common mood pattern too.

Our cherished client understood this fact well, and therefore got in touch with us to build SPEAR App to help users feel connected, express their thoughts and share unique experiences, especially during the current times.


SPEAR App lets you login via Google or Facebook account. Once logged in, it lets you browse through the latest Prompts created by the admin from the backend. Prompts could be questions asking your personal opinions on numerous topics or sharing your life’s experiences. It also lets you follow others, record responses to their Prompts, or even submit a fresh Prompt for others to listen, like, comment and follow you back. Your account settings also display Spear Suggestions, Hashtag Suggestions and Prompt Suggestions for you to pick whatever your like.


Today SPEAR App runs successfully on iOS platform and enjoys a mammoth user-base.