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Hungry offers refined catering, uniting unique, gourmet selections from esteemed local chefs with an exquisite array of snacks and beverages.

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Project Overview

Hungry provides an array of food services, focusing on office catering, group orders, event planning, and snacks, all delivered with ease and quality. They pride themselves on a hassle-free experience, offering a wide range of dishes from local talents, alongside unique snacks and drinks.

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The launch of Hungry brought a fresh approach to food solutions like office catering and event planning, underpinned by a commitment to convenience and quality. However, a significant challenge loomed in the background, pivotal to the platform's success. The crux of the issue lay in backend operations, particularly the system that should enable partners and restaurants to seamlessly manage their logistics.

Their stakeholders struggled with tracking order placements, mapping deliveries geographically, and coordinating the movement of delivery personnel. The absence of a comprehensive tracking and management system meant that restaurants couldn't efficiently monitor order statuses, leading to a gap in real-time oversight of successfully fulfilled orders versus those that were canceled. This gap highlighted a critical need for an integrated dashboard that could bridge these operational inefficiencies, ensuring a smooth and transparent workflow for Hungry's partners.


To address the challenge, we at Wegile developed a comprehensive backend portal for Hungry. This solution streamlined order management, enabling partners to track orders easily, map deliveries geographically, and coordinate dispatches effectively. The portal featured a real-time dashboard for monitoring order statuses, ensuring seamless and efficient management. This innovation significantly improved operational efficiency and transparency, aligning with Hungry's commitment to quality and enhancing the overall service experience for both partners and customers.


We significantly enhanced Hungry's operational efficiency and transparency, directly benefiting partners with streamlined order management and improved service delivery, leading to increased satisfaction among partners and customers alike.