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  • Online food ordering
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  • Gps tracking

WTF App allows you to locate nearby food trucks in your vicinity. Place your order online and fetch your meal on your way to work/home.

  • swift Swift 5
  • Java
  • angular AngularJS
  • Node.js_logo NodeJS
  • aws-lambda AWS

How Our App Looks Like

Project Overview

The concept of food truck bears its existence from decades and have only grown in popularity since then. From mouth melting hot-dogs to taco wagons to even all-out gourmet meals, food trucks have it all covered.

According to reliable sources, more than 2.5 billion people feed themselves through food trucks daily! While some food trucks might be stationed at a single spot every day, a whole other lot keeps maneuvering around their target clients in order to cater to a larger group of customers.

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Though the aim of satiating daily meals requirement of a bigger crowd sounds very magnanimous, it can however, get challenging for the customers as they have to go through the struggle of finding the preferred food truck almost each day.

Nicholas Spindel, our novel client who happens to come from the F&B industry, saw a brilliant solution to this genuine problem and set out to find a technology partner who could render this idea into reality.

When we met him, he had already spent more than 2 months to find the right partner to build this mobile app for him, but all his efforts had been in vain.

“I got in touch with Wegile on one of the global freelance platforms and thank my stars for replying to their proposal. After spending a long time finding the right Mobile Application Development company, I was very apprehensive, but all my doubts got cleared when I spoke to the team”. – Nicholas


WHERE’S THE FOODTRUCK (WTF) app allows you to locate nearby food trucks in your vicinity, browse through their profiles and even search for them by style / cuisine they offer along with the details about the running deals. You can place your order online and can quickly go fetch your meal on your way to work or leisure.

The food trucks’ owners can build a profile on the app and can easily add events they wish to cater to in order to meet their customers’ daily meal requirements.


“WTF today runs successfully on both Android and IOS platforms. It was totally gratifying to see Wegile turning my minuscule idea into an effective reality!” – Nicholas Spindel