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Project Overview

With the advent of new technologies in audio editing, editing over the years has become more accurate and easier. But won’t it get even more exciting if we get the competence to curate our own music with eclectic background sounds, amalgamate it all together and as a result re-create out of the box compositions which could then be shared with friends and family thereby encouraging people build communities of like-minded music listeners.

How our app looks like

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An idea like this might sound bizarre to implement at the outset, but once conceptualized properly, can become a rage with music lovers. Adam Adelman, our client knew this fact well and could envisage its success as something like this hadn’t hit the market in real sense till then.

But the challenge here was to ensure that his idea is understood well by the technology partner who would be responsible for building it.


“I got to know about Wegile through upwork platform where I had posted my requirements. And I thank my stars that I got a proposal from Wegile stating that they could do the needful.” - Adam



“I take pride in proclaiming that WunTwun App today runs successfully on iOS platform with about more than 2000 users across its network. This new audio media-platform Wegile created does not only speak volumes about their professionalism, but the core development team left no stone unturned to ensure our high-level of satisfaction.” – By Adam and Team! .


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