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Wegile supports the bold, brave entrepreneurs, business houses and enterprises who dare to change our world for the better, and are proud to support their passion and purpose, and empower them to build iconic mobile apps.

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Wegile is one of the Top Mobile App Development Firms offering feature-packed and transformative mobile experiences to its clients worldwide. Being recognized as one of the Best Custom Software & Mobile App Development Companies for close to a decade now, we stand tall as proud Technology Partners of all our esteemed clients, helping them each day in their novel endeavor of Building Ubiquitous Digital Dominance that Inspires the World!

We build two main types of products: beautiful production apps built to support millions of users growing very rapidly, and hyper - fast MVP prototypes where speed is of the essence.

At Wegile, we use modern technologies, build market-leading products and adhere to high standards in terms of engineering best practices - continuous deployment, continuous integration, automated testing, etc.

Our core services

Engineering Solutions That Communicate

Mobile Apps and Wearables

Mobile Apps and Wearable

  • iOS
  • Watch OS
  • TVOS
  • Android
  • React Native
  • FitBit

We specialize in Fitness apps, Live streaming apps, Learning apps, BLE integration apps, Chat apps, Video calling apps, Research apps, Food tracking apps, Booking apps, Music streaming apps, Tiktok style apps, Uber style apps, WhatsApp style apps, Facebook style apps, Instagram style apps

Web Development

Web Application Development

  • Node.JS
  • Angular.JS
  • C#
  • Java
  • PHP
  • React.JS

We specialize in Netflix style apps, Book My Show style apps, AirBNB style apps, Expedia Style apps, Upwork style apps, Guru Style apps, Clutch style apps, Youtube style apps, eCommerce style apps, Amazon style apps, eBay style apps, LinkedIn style apps

App Prototype And Strategy

BlockChain Development

  • HyperLedger Fabric
  • Ethereum
  • IBM
  • Ripple

We specialize in Blockchain infrastructure setup, Smart Contracts, Mining, Crypto Currency Wallets

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing

  • AWS API Gateway
  • AWS DynmoDB
  • AWS Lambda
  • AWS S3

We specialize in building server less architectures where millions of users access the services using AWS API Gateway, DynmoDB, RDS, DocumentDB, Cognito, Lambda, S3, Blockchain, Route 53, SES and more

IOT (Internet of Things)

IoT (Internet of Things)

  • BLE Integration
  • Robotics
  • Fitness Bands
  • UV Devices

We specialize in integrations with BLE devices, Robotics, Cubelets, Charging Stations, Fitness Bands, Digital Watches, Ultra Violet Scanning Devices, AWS IoT, Amazon Sumerian

Offshore Staffing

Staff Augmentation

  • Software Developers
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Project Managers
  • QA Engineers

We have a vast pool of developers for Swift, Objective C, Java, Kotlin, React, Flutter, Angular.JS, Node.JS, Python, .NEt C#, Go, Ruby, PHP, Type Script, Java Script, Dart, mySQL, Mongo DB, DocumentDB, MS SQL Server and more

Genre Of Apps

You Name it, and We Build it.  Mobile Apps Spanning a Range of Industries.

With a diverse industry experience to back us, we are able to ensure vivid flawlessness in every new endeavor we undertake. And with each new industry we associate, the spark of innovation is further ignited that inspires us to use the latest technological trends needed to craft powerful custom software solutions. With the insistent passion to continue providing par-excellent service as a Software Development Service Provider, we are committed to the success of our clients and support multidisciplinary corporations with focus on varied markets like:

Photo of fitness app

Fitness Apps

Photo of Healthcare app

Healthcare Apps

Photo of Music app

NET Blockchain Apps

Photo of educational apps

University Apps

Photo of Social Networking apps

Music Apps

Photo of Beauty apps

Social Networking Apps

Photo of Ecommerce apps

Beauty Apps

Photo of On-Demand apps

Ecommerce Apps

Photo of Travel apps

On Demand Apps

Photo of Food Delivery apps

Travel Apps

Photo of Restaurant apps

Food Delivery Apps

Photo of Real Estate apps

Restaurant Apps

Photo of Real Estate apps

Real Estate Apps

Photo of Real Estate apps

Banking Apps

Photo of Real Estate apps

Utility Apps

Photo of Real Estate apps

Meditation Apps

Our Portfolio

Highlights Of Our Work

We have crafted digital experiences for more than 150+ global leaders. In-depth knowledge and vast experience enables us to repeat our success stories and become the top mobile app development company in the USA, India and the rest of the world.

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Photo of Transform logo

Training Workouts | Nutrition Plans

The Ultimate Fitness-Training App By Chris And Heidi Powell
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Photo of Chargeup logo


ChargedUp gives you power on demand through its network of portable power banks
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  • Web
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Photo of Streo logo

Live Music Streaming | Night Clubs & DJ’s | Live Events

Listen To Live Music From Your Favourite Nightclubs And DJ’s. Real Time!
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  • Web
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Expand your digital transformation capabilities by hiring dedicated technology developers, tech leads, project managers, QA testing experts for Web, Mobile, Cloud, IoT and more. As a leading mobile app development firm, we are a home to some brilliant tech-minds who are adept at designing, developing and managing biggest cloud infrastructures, in-house workflow and tech architecture, clean UI/UX interfaces and QA Testing plans to ensure a complete solution for you. Right from crafting sharp prototypes to developing clean codes to deploying and maintaining your solution with great efficacy, Wegile is your one stop solution for all technology-based demands.

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